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Now you can watch your favorite SEC football online. Auburn Tigers have been playing a very tight schedule of games in which they have literally thrashed the competition.

The Auburn Tigers football team are the official team for the Auburn University. They represent college football for the western division of the South-eastern Conference. Their first season began in 1892 and they are the proud owners of many awards and records to their names. They have won 2 national championships, 7 divisional championships, 7 perfect season, 11 conference championships and 3 Heisman trophy winners. The Auburn Tigers are currently standing in at the 5th position in Bowl Winning percentage making it one of the top five teams in such a competitive sport. Their uniform comprises of two colors: navy blue and burnt orange while having the mascot of “Aubie the Tiger”. Their fight song which is sung at nearly every game by their proud supporters is called “War Eagle”. Their top rivals are the Alabama Crimson Tide, Georgia Bulldogs and the LSU Tigers.

The Auburn Tigers are a talented bunch of individuals as they should be having so many awards to their name. Their starting line-up for the year 2011 is: Trovon Reed, Aairon Savage, DeAngelo Benton, Zac Etheridge, Shaun Kitchens, Michael Dyer, Jake Holland, Antonio Goodwin, Jonathan Mincy, Anthony Morgan and Quindarius Carr. One of the players most wanted is Michael Dyer who has an extensive career outline including four “100-yard” performances. Dyer has been honored with the award of the Offensive MVP of the BCS National Championship Game after running for 143 yards, which is the 10th-highest running record coming from a freshman. Dyer is truly an accomplished footballer holding the running record with 1,093 yards. He is undoubtedly born to be a football player.

His football team is one with passion for winning and proving to everyone who exactly is the lion of the football jungle. The Auburn Tigers are fierce, they mean business and they never back down. Their courage and brotherhood as a team represents the unification of football lovers. They stand together, play together and win together. It is evident that Auburn Tigers treat their team players to become winner. Young players such as Dyer and many more could not possibly gain so much success in so little time without the knowledge and hunger for victory. This shows the teams’ dedication towards their sport and their dedication towards themselves to become better sportsman.

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