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The Georgia Bulldogs are the college football team representing the University of Georgia. They are the official members of the Southeastern Conference –SEC and have claimed various titles to their names in the varsity football legacy. They have been a football team since the 19th century, debuting the year 1892 and winning f national championships and 12 SEC titles. They have also won 2 Heisman awards which is a stunning addition to their array of titles and achievements. This team is the beast when its out on the field. With excellence in all fields of work, be it defense or offense, this team has got it all under control and is begging to be out on the field this season. They are unified under the uniform which is red and black, two superior colors signifying strength and leadership. Their fight song is indeed the song called “Glory Glory” which has given them much support and love from their fans whenever they have entered the field.

It’s been said that this year all teams are secretly up to much more than they are letting out, and this goes for the Georgia Bulldogs. They have been training since spring sources say, and boy have they been working hard on the field. Putting their blood and sweat into practice shows their determination and their courage since all the most fierce teams are competing in the SEC. It is not a playground anymore, the boys are all men and they mean business. The line-up is also polished: Branden Smith, Brandon Boykin, Parker Welch, Lucas Redd, Luis Capella, Caleb King, Blake Sailors, Logan Gray, Kyle Brock, Orson Charles, and Alec Ogletree are all set to take part in this year’s season. The SEC championships are extremely anticipated this year with more and more college fans taking part to support their respective teams it is all a heated situation to see which teams out win which. It was heard spring practice took an early turn for the Georgia Bulldogs; one player to look out for is Caleb King who has a lot to prove since his injury. All eyes will be on him and his position as a tailback stand in question until the season begins.

This team is a true meaning of courage, determination and dedication to the sport that they love so much. With hot blood running in their veins these men are contemplating another win and a shot at the SEC this year.

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