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South Carolina Gamecocks are a represent the University of South Carolina playing in the NCAA Division I. This team sparks magic across those who play in college football. They debuted in 1892 and have been a member of SEC since 1992. Steve Spurrier is the current head coach and claims to have these boys trained like thereís not tomorrow. They have won one conference title in 1969 and one division title in 2010 SEC East. They are also the proud owners of a Heisman award which they have won once. Playing for the Eastern Division means they have some tough buggers out there to compete with. 18 people are part of the Consensus All-American. Their uniform is Garnet and Black and the song that is sung for them every match without fail is known to spring magic into their steps. ďThe Fighting Gamecocks Lead the WayĒ is their official anthem.

They have been playing some pretty seasons but this year it seems like their offensive and defensive line-up have seen some good changes to make a better comeback. Alshon Jeffery, Akeem Auguste, Jarvis Giles, Nick Jones, Jason Barnes, Stephan Garcia, Stephon Gilmore, Milvin Ingram, Corey Addison, Dylan Thompson and Lamar Scruggs are taking part in this yearís season and many more have been put onto the list because they are truly hot shots. This year the Gamecocks have received a lot of love from the crowd, pre-season it has been said that the Gamecocks have out won ever other SEC Eastern division team by gaining 931 votes on a poll dictating who will win the SEC title this season. The South Carolina Gamecocks have had their fair share of excellent players. One such player was Sydney Rice who was an absolute monster on the field. He was known for being a top class received in college football ranking at number 18 with 23 touchdowns.

This season the Gamecocks have already been voted as the SEC champions, lets see if they live up to the expectations that everyone has. They are a talented team no doubt, and are considered the dark horses of the whole season.

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