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Want a chance to watch the one of most storied college football programs in the SEC? Well get online and see the Tennessee Volunteers in high quality action. This is not some hoax with 5-minute clips, and this is not some ploy to blow you off, it is all about watching 90 minutes of uninterrupted "football heaven."

The Tennessee Volunteers have been playing since 1891 and is an NCAA Div.1 football team that represents the University of Tennessee. The Tennessee Volunteers play for the Eastern Division in the SEC conference and are ranked 9th in the all time winning list of college programs. With quite a few championships under their belt, this team has won 6 national championships in 1938, 1940, 1950, 1951, 1967 and 1998 respectively. The Tennessee Volunteers have also won a whopping 16 time in the SEC championships indicating they are not new to this trade—it’s also an indication for all the “newbies” out there, beware, when the going gets tough, the tough certainly gets going. Even their freshmans are smoking hot and fresh off the field to give it their best. The uniform that binds the Tennessee Volunteers comprises of orange and white colors and the mascot is namely Smokey IX. Their most notable rivals are the Alabama Crimson Tide, Florida Gators, Ole Miss Rebels, and Georgia Bulldogs. With so much tough competition, it is no wonder that this team has been taking this year’s upcoming season very seriously. They practice and practice hard they do.

The line-up this season looks interesting with every team wanting to spice it up a bit, savor the touch ups that they have made for a anticipated win, the Tennessee Volunteers are all set to make a difference. Michael Palardy, Matt Simms, Zach Allen, Matt Darr, Gerald Jones, Tyler Drummer, Ted Meline, Tyler Wills, Nash Nance, and Mandela Shaw as well as countless more are all participating in the SEC championships this year. A lot of suspicion has been rising about the team that they might not be able to cut it year in order to win the SEC championships.

Here are five reasons they may just pull it off. Firstly, they never back down—yes the Tennessee Volunteers are fighters and survivors when it comes to the field, secondly their fans are dedicated, when the crowd is roaring, it only gives you more to fight for. Thirdly, because they have been taught by best, Derek Dooley has made them into valid champions. Additionally, their coaches are all highly trained, so they have to win—right? And lastly the Tennessee Volunteers must win this year because Tennessee needs to set the record straight.

When you have all the reasons to watch the match, there is not one reason not to. Don’t Mississippi State Bulldogs out on this opportunity of a lifetime and make sure you tune in online.